These 4 Types of Professionals Need a Hand — or Voice

Busy professionals often don’t answer their own office phones. Unfortunately, they also often lack the staff (or staff bandwidth) to have anyone else do so, either. Companies like Responsive Answering Service, the United States’ premier provider of professional answering services, provide a wide range of cost-effective support functions for professionals and small business owners who can’t always provide them for themselves: 24/7 answering, call screening, dispatching, virtual receptionist services, registration services and much more.

These four types of professionals are particularly well-suited for  virtual answering services. Here’s why each is a natural fit.

  1. Lawyers & Law Firms

Lawyers have a sacred obligation to advocate for their clients. They’re also busy as all get-out. If you’re running a law practice (or, perhaps worse, an overworked associated at one), you likely don’t have the time or resources to handle a flood of incoming calls. Fortunately, an answering service can.

  1. Medical Professionals

Whether you’re just starting a medical practice or have been an independent provider for years, you understand how complex the medical sector has become. When you have to deal with numbingly complex insurance rules, legal compliance, patient needs and a host of other competing pressures on a daily basis, the last thing you need is an unwieldy staff that doesn’t do your patient population justice. Using an answering service frees you to focus on the work that really matters — keeping your patients (the people who really matter) healthy.

  1. Property Managers

Property managers are always on the go. When you’re out of the office more often than you’re in it, it’s not exactly easy to man the phones. And even if you have a support team helping you with the logistical demands of being a landlord, answering calls on the first ring or two isn’t likely to be its top priority. Tapping a professional outfit to handle this mission-critical component of your business is among the easiest — and highest-ROI — decisions you can make.

  1. Government Agents & Consultants

Government employees and agency managers — the sorts of people who quite literally keep the trains running on time — are prime candidates for answering services. These professionals have massive, diverse constituencies to keep satisfied, not to mention tight budgets and competing demands on their time. They can’t afford to run anything less than an airtight ship — and competent answering services can make all the difference in the world.

Answering Services for All

These four types of professionals aren’t the only hard working people who benefit from answering services. Just about anyone who operates a practice or works out of an office, particularly those who don’t have the resources to hire and maintain a large support staff, have something to gain from working with a competent outside team of dedicated logistics experts. After all, they know the value of consulting the professionals — they all too often find themselves on the other side of the equation.