George Otte of Miami Top Tips for Direct Mail in 2016

Direct mail marketing has been around, well, for longer than any of us. Problem is, many younger readers might not realize that it’s still around.

It is — really. As it turns out, says entrepreneur and marketing expert George Otte, direct mail marketing is a surprisingly effective marketing tactic that is gaining ground against newer, flashier alternatives. It’s not quite Back to the Future, but it’s certainly a case of “what goes around comes around.”

Businesses of all sizes are using direct mail marketing to reach new prospects and reinforce existing connections. And in conclusion — backed by growing volumes of statistical data — email marketing actually works.

Need something more convincing? You’re not alone. Here are five great reasons why direct mail marketing might actually be better than email (yes, really):

  1. Email Suites Don’t Like Email Marketing

Gmail and other email suites are taking an increasingly hard line on email marketing, even when it’s dressed up in a personal veneer. Your digital newsletters and ads are more likely than ever to be relegated to a second-tier folder, out of sight and out of mind for the vast majority of your prospects. By contrast, direct mail goes in the same mailbox as every other piece of snail mail, and that won’t change anytime soon.

  1. Direct Mail Is Local

These days, anything “local” sells. That’s just as true for artisanal farm products as for direct mailers. When direct mail recipients see that local postmark on your mailer, they know that a local business has taken the time and effort to reach out to its neighbors and make a compelling case for its services. When it comes to building customer trust and brand recognition, that goes a long way.

  1. Direct Mail Is Attractive and Personal

Direct mail is a personal contact method that simply can’t be matched by cold, unfeeling digital overtures. After all, you can actually hold a piece of mail in your hand — not just a facsimile of a piece of mail on your iPhone screen. Even if they grumble about the volume or quality of mail they receive, the average person appreciates the personal nature of direct mail outreach. In this great big world, consumers like to know that someone — that’s you, direct mail marketer — is still willing to take the time to put their words down on paper.

  1. Direct Mail Is Secure

It’s hard to overstate the importance of cyber-threats. Today’s consumers are hyper-vigilant about anything that could possibly be construed as a threat to the sanctity of their home computers, mobile devices and personal networks. To state the obvious, direct mail is far less threatening in this regard than email, which can carry a whole host of digital threats. The most threatening thing about direct mail, by contrast, is an ill-advised color scheme.

Does your business use direct mail marketing? What’s your favorite thing about it?