Beyond Computer Repair: George Otte’s Entrepreneurial Story

Those that know George Otte well, aren’t shy about calling his biography what it is: a true story of hard work, sacrifice, perseverance, and success. From an early age, Otte focused relentlessly on building successful businesses that add value for customers, employees and society at large. Though he’s still quite young, he’s persevered through numerous challenges — and emerged stronger from each one.

Here’s a look at how George Otte got his start and where he is now. Spoiler alert: There’s inspiration ahead.

Otte’s Early Ventures

George Otte, Miami entrepreneur, got started in business at the young age of 21 — “when most of my peers were more interested in partying than making it to class or work on time,” he laughs. While enrolled as a full-time student at a South Florida university, Otte took a part-time job at Coral Gables bank — ostensibly to help pay his tuition bills.

Otte’s technical savvy caught the eye of one of the bank’s clients, whose offer to pay him for ongoing technical support services began a chain of events that led to Otte’s founding of TSS, his first incorporated company. Otte realized that he had a gift worth sharing with his local business community — and resolved to make a name for himself in the process.

Over the following months, George Otte enrolled in a business law class, incorporated his firm, accumulated Microsoft certifications, and joined the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce. He soon found himself hiring helpers to handle his growing client portfolio. By the end of 2005, TSS had more than 100 clients, mostly in and around South Florida. Thanks to Otte’s personalized approach to each of his client relationships and to his uncanny knack for staying on top of a rapidly changing industry, TSS became recognized as the premier independent provider of computer repair and onsite technical support in the Miami area.

Geeks on Site

In 2006, George Otte took a pivotal step in his entrepreneurial journey: he acquired Dallas-based Geeks on Site, an existing technical support and computer repair provider, and set about building the company into a nationwide company. Despite a challenging economic environment and intense competition in many of the local markets into which Geeks on Site moved, the company expanded rapidly under Otte’s expert direction. By the early 2010s, Geeks on Site directly employed more than 100 people in a number of U.S. and international markets. Thanks to a network of local contract tech support experts on the ground in more than 150 U.S. metro areas, Geeks on Site had become a truly nationwide tech support provider.

Geeks on Site continues to offer remote computer repair and onsite technical support services for business clients and individuals alike. However, Otte wasn’t content to make Geeks on Site the endpoint of his business career. Under the auspices of his holding company, Otte Polo group, Otte soon moved into other industries.

Responsive Call Center

In the early 2010s, George Otte launched Responsive Call Center, a geographically diverse telephone answering service company that caters to businesses of all sizes. Responsive Call Center’s primary lines of business include:

  •      24/7 live answering services, both during and after clients’ business hours
  •      Call screening and identification
  •      Appointment scheduling and notifications
  •      Personnel and asset dispatching
  •      Registration services
  •      Virtual receptionist services
  •     And additional outbound services!

Responsive Call Center now has nine distinct contact center facilities, representing six independent companies. The firm’s services are available throughout the United States, catering to companies in the healthcare, legal, professional services, property management, tourism, and shipping industries.

Although Responsive Call Center provides indispensable support for its clients, Otte realized that the company’s work would be even more effective in conjunction with a comprehensive lineup of other business solutions. This realization led to the acquisition of Phase V, a Fort Myers-based fulfillment firm with an existing portfolio of clients and work histories stretching back to the early 1980s.

Phase V

Otte’s Phase V acquisition allows him to serve small, midsize, and enterprise business clients that lack the resources or expertise to handle fulfillment operations in-house. The company’s conveniently located facility offers a wide variety of services, including:

  •      Fulfillment and order processing
  •      Direct mail, including list generation and management
  •      Contact services, including inbound call answering
  •      Warehousing and other logistical services

Otte continues to look for additional acquisition targets that could enhance Phase V’s geographical reach and capabilities.

Building a Business Network

For many entrepreneurs, three successful business ventures would be enough. Not for George Otte. Even as he continues to build Responsive Call Center and Phase V into the top privately-held firms in both their respective industries and geographical areas, he’s on the hunt for new opportunities to diversify his holdings, invest in new communities, and support a growing roster of employees and their families.

Through a recently created subsidiary called Otte Real Estate, Otte aims to replicate his technical support, answering service and fulfillment success in the ever-dynamic real estate industry. Part of the Otte Polo family of companies, Otte Real Estate seeks out and invests in residential real estate opportunities throughout the United States and Latin America. Although Otte continues to devote the bulk of his attention to Responsive Call Center, Phase V, and Geeks on Site, he’s excited by the potential of Otte Real Estate.

What Can We Learn from George Otte’s Story?

George Otte, Miami entrepreneur, is humble and who’s happy with the success he’s created for himself. But he’s not ready to rest on his laurels. Otte is actively seeking to expand his telephone answering service and fulfillment businesses, keen to find and take opportunities wherever they might present themselves. While he’s long since learned to delegate key responsibilities to trusted employees, he’s not shy about continuing to take an active role in the management of his various business properties.

Otte’s commitment to personal development, in terms of meeting and exceeding the goals he sets for himself, inspires his employees, friends, and family. But Otte isn’t a superhero. He’s a regular guy with a combination of above-average drive and the old-fashioned smarts to see his plans through to completion. To borrow another cliche: if he can do it, so can you.

What inspires you most about George Otte’s story?