About George Otte

George Otte is a Miami entrepreneur. As founder and chairman of Otte Polo Group, a diversified and multi-faceted organization that does business in the United States and multiple international markets, Otte owns and operates several successful companies.

George Otte Company Profile

George Otte Miami companies include Geeks on Site, a computer repair and technical support business; Responsive Call Center, a call center and telephone answering service for client companies of all sizes; Phase V Fulfillment, a fulfillment and supply management operation; and Otte Real Estate, a real estate investment firm focusing on residential and commercial opportunities in the U.S. and abroad.

George Otte Business Background

Otte founded his first business, a computer repair company called TSS, while enrolled full-time at a South Florida university. From the start, he concentrated on delivering excellent service and cultivating a reputation for going above and beyond. Within a few years, TSS had more than 100 clients.

Otte parlayed TSS’s success into his second entrepreneurial project: the acquisition of Geeks on Site, an existing computer repair and support company that shared many similarities with TSS. Under Otte’s leadership, Geeks on Site grew rapidly. For the past decade, George Otte and the management team have continued to grow Geeks on Site into a premier provider of diversified technical support and repair services that now operates nationwide.

With an eye for new business ventures, Mr. Otte later established Responsive Call Center and acquired multiple locations in the U.S. The following year he acquired Phase V, a Florida fulfillment, direct mail, and contact center with a diverse portfolio of customers. He founded his most recent venture, Otte Real Estate, in 2015, with the goal of further expand the Otte Polo Group.

George Otte lives in his beloved Miami. When he is not overseeing business development initiatives or overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Otte Polo Group, he’s likely to be found fishing the waters of Biscayne Bay, traveling to little-known destinations in Europe and the Americas, or just relaxing at home with his family.