Meet George Otte, Miami Entrepreneur!


George Otte, Miami entrepreneur, has more than a decade of multi-faceted business operations experience. As the founder and chairman of the Otte Polo Group, a diversified company that does business in multiple international markets, Otte is involved in the technical support, telephone answering service, and business fulfillment service industries.

Otte founded his first company, TSS, when he was just 21 years old. George Otte successfully ran and grew the company while enrolled full-time in a South Florida college. Within three years, he had built up a network of more than 100 clients and was known as the premier provider of technical support services in the local South Florida market.

In 2006, Otte took a major step in his pursuit to become an international entrepreneur with the acquisition of Geeks on Site, a comprehensive technical support company with a vast network of existing customers. For the next several years, Mr. Otte focused on building Geeks on Site into a nationwide provider of onsite tech support, remote computer repair, and other value-added technology services. Today, Geeks on Site has on-demand access to a network of local technicians in more than 150 US metro areas.

As Geeks on Site grew, George Otte recognized the need to integrate superior customer service with flexible, on-demand product fulfillment. With this goal in mind, he created and grew Responsive Call Center, a geographically diverse telephone answering service that provides a full lineup of live answering solutions for clients in healthcare, property management, law services, general contracting, and other industries.

After a period of rapid growth, Responsive Call Center now has a network of six independent answering businesses covering nine different facilities throughout the U.S. and Latin America. Mr. Otte continues to look for acquisition opportunities throughout the country as he pursues his vision of building Responsive Call Center into the United States’ largest, best-known private telephone answering service company.

After setting Responsive Call Center up on its current course of growth, Otte turned his attention to product fulfillment, and acquired Fort Myers-based Phase V, an existing fulfillment and shipping operations center with a diversified portfolio of customers, including work dating back to the early 1980s.

Under George Otte’s expert direction, Phase V has grown into Florida’s top fulfillment company. Phase V’s diverse capabilities now include flexible order processing and fulfillment, warehousing, direct mail, and contact services. As with Responsive Call Center, Otte is actively seeking acquisition targets to support his commitment of expanding Phase V’s innovative fulfillment and business support model to business clients in every corner of the United States.

Both Phase V and Responsive Call Center work with businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietors and small startups without the financial resources to invest in in-house fulfillment to larger firms that trust Mr. Otte’s impeccable reputation and ironclad business processes.

Although George Otte has some distant family relations in Peru, Florida is home to Otte’s immediate family, his business, his social networks, and to George Otte himself. Despite the grueling schedule that tending to his successful business interests demands, he does find some time to relax in his own backyard. Otte’s hobbies include boating and fishing in the waters off Miami, spending time at the gym, and traveling to out-of-the-way destinations in Europe and Latin America.

4 Cost-Cutting Measures Every Business Owner Can Use

By George Otte

Could your company stand to reduce its expenses?

Just about every enterprise can. And you don’t have to look far for ideas: American Express’ great list of tips for business owners serious about reducing their business costs is just one of many publicly available resources for curious entrepreneurs.

Here’s a look at four of the easiest ways to slim down your business. Most require little to no upfront investment or reallocation of personnel resources—meaning you can get started at your earliest convenience.

1. Use Anti-Malware Protection

Anti-malware programs provide valuable digital protection against an ever-multiplying array of cyber threats. By protecting your system with a reputable anti-malware solution that regularly updates with defenses against the latest perils, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of a major systems breach—a costly, reputation-damaging event that can seriously set your company back.

It’s important to remember that no anti-malware solution is totally foolproof. You can further reduce your risk by training your employees to recognize phishing scams and suspicious files, by putting together a digital crisis management plan before breaches occur, and by working with a trusted computer repair company with experience recognizing and addressing cyberthreats.

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5 Simple Ways To Protect Your Company’s Sensitive Data Online

By George Otte

Though large-scale corporate hacks are more likely to make headlines, smaller hacks are actually far more common.

According to The Guardian, small and midsize U.K. businesses reported a significant increase in hacks between 2013 and 2015. The story is much the same in the United States and elsewhere in the world: Smaller enterprises are increasingly vulnerable to digital threats.

You don’t need the resources of a Fortune 500 firm to protect yourself against cyber intrusion and data theft. These five practices can substantially reduce your risk.

1. Encrypt Mission-Critical Data

Unencrypted data is vulnerable to theft or copying by digital thieves. Newer systems may have built-in encryption tools, like Windows 10’s BitLocker. BitLocker allows you to store encrypted data on a computer’s hard drive or on external drives (which are more portable). You can also encrypt your data in the cloud using a secure backup service like Carbonite.

2. Use a Sophisticated Anti-Malware Solution

Your company needs a sophisticated anti-malware solution with a regular update cycle. Nothing less will protect your networks and devices against the ever-growing multitude of digital threats. There are lots of choices out there, so get started by reading up on how to choose an anti-virus app.

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